Summer of 69

Limited Edition Print by Todd White

Summer of 69

Todd White
Limited Edition Print
Embellished Canvas on Board
33 × 28 in
Limited Edition of 69

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Artwork Description

Todd White transports us back to the late 60’s with his new piece, “Summer of 69.” The Beatles last performance and Led Zeppelin’s first album. Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. Woodstock. Richard Nixon AND Charles Manson, two iconic madmen in their own right. What a time to be alive.

“This piece represents beautiful girls and their wonderful summer memories, with the trips and the nights out on the town. I love the easiness of the ladies here they’re so chilled, cool and laid back, and dare I say it? Girls just wanna have fun!”

This seminal new image from Todd is a witty and nostalgic celebration of how things might have looked back in the day when the girls went out to play – psychedelic summer prints, tunics, ruffles, hippie chic and definitely no contact lenses.

These girls know how to have a good time, and judging by the glasses in their hands and the expressions on their faces, they are really not so different from their 21st century successors!

There was plenty going on in the summer of 1969 – the moon landing, Woodstock, John Lennon and Give Peace a Chance – according to Bryan Adams’ classic song, “those were the best days of our lives”. They were certainly memorable for the White family who welcomed their son Todd into the world, and as the B-side of the hit single Summer of ’69 told the world, The Best is Yet to Come. Did he know something?

Nearly half a century later, that summer baby from Texas has become one of our most acclaimed and successful artists. When he released his debut UK collection in 2011 he took the country by storm going straight into the Top 10 best sellers list. The art world sat up and took notice, and the BBC described him as “the coolest artist on the planet.”

By this point Todd was already a superstar in the United States. He was the artist of choice for the world’s most high profile showbiz events including the GRAMMY Awards and the Warner Bros Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary celebration. Never far from the media spotlight with coverage in national press and glossy magazines and TV interviews including one with the legendary Larry King.