The Hammer and the Feather

Limited Edition Print by Alan Bean

The Hammer and the Feather

Alan Bean
Limited Edition Print
20 × 25.5 in
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Artwork Description

Against the backdrop of the lunar module Falcon, Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott illustrates the hand of the Italian Renaissance on one of our century’s greatest achievements. The moon’s lack of atmosphere provided the ideal conditions to confirm what Galileo Galilei had concluded centuries before, as both hammer and feather, dropped simultaneously, contacted the moon’s surface at the same time. To the principle that in a vacuum objects fall at the same rate regardless of mass, Scott was able to report, “How about that, this proves that Mr. Galileo was correct in his findings.”

The “Hammer and the Feather” is complemented by pencil sketches of Scott and the artist printed in the margin. Countersigner: Dave Scott