The Patriot

Limited Edition Print by John Bye

The Patriot

John Bye
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
34 × 22 in
Artist Proof, Limited Edition of 15 S/N


Artwork Description

The bald eagle embodies the boundless spirit of freedom. With a wingspan of up to eight feet, majestic looks and great strength it soars effortlessly through the grandeur of Nature. It has a sense of power and purpose in the air, a master of its destiny and domain. As our national emblem, it represents the value we place on the concept of such freedom and the boundless opportunity that presentsWith John Bye’s The Patriot you are able to crest mountains side by side with this magnificent creature. Painted in his hyper-realistic HD Art style, one wonders whether Bye was aware that a mature bald eagle has nearly 7000 feathers when he began the project.

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