The Raptor’s Watch

Fine Art Print by Stephen Lyman

The Raptor’s Watch

Stephen Lyman
Fine Art Print
Giclée Canvas
36 × 28 in
Anniversary Edition
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Artwork Description

“All of my paintings have their origins in my experience and perception of beauty in the wilderness,” said Stephen Lyman. The art of Stephen Lyman allows the viewer to travel deep into the woods, find serenity at the water’s edge, climb mountains and be completely at home in the true world — the world of the wilderness. Share the sensation of being outdoors — exploring, discovering, studying and enjoying the all-encompassing beauty of unspoiled nature. “The Raptor’s Watch” is quintessential Lyman

“Red tailed hawks like to perch on telephone and fence poles and watch for rabbits and mice in the long grasses,” Stephen Lyman said of “The Raptor’s Watch.” “I wanted to capture this particular hawk on its vigil because of the textures in the scene — in the leaves of the blackberry bush, the moss lichen growing on the fence post and the plowed field in the background.”