The Sisal Acrobat Part I

Original Artwork by Charity Dakin

The Sisal Acrobat Part I

Charity Dakin
Original Artwork
Acrylic/Gold Leaf
6 × 9 in

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Artwork Description

When I was a young girl we played endlessly in the hayloft above the old dairy barn, swinging, jumping, climbing, fort building. Sisal twine was an imperative part of our imaginary storylines and it could be found nearly any place around the farm. The local mice also used our playground extensively. Late in the evenings when I imagine the barnyard settling down, the quiet rustles and sweet smells coming from below, its not a stretch to imagine the mice coming out to perform their trapeze and high wire antics similar to our own. While some see mice and scratchy scurry-ers, I like to think of them more as quick and playful and capable of such silliness.

-Charity Dakin