The Teamster

Fine Art Print by James Bama

The Teamster

James Bama
Fine Art Print
20 × 25.5 in


Artwork Description

Because many cowboys live a transient life, they sometimes cross Bama’s trail once or twice, then he never sees them again. Steve Winters showed up in Cody a few years back. He said he was an “army brat” looking for cowboy work. Unfortunately, it was the wrong season of the year for ranch employment even for a strong man who stood about six-four and weighed perhaps 240 pounds. He posed for Bama in the guise of a teamster, holding horse collar and harness from Bama’s own collection. Shortly afterward, he drifted away and Bama has no idea where he eventually settled. It is something of a joke in Cody that guest ranches support the cowboys in the summer and Bama supports them in winter.