The Ties that Bind

Limited Edition Print by Bonnie Marris

The Ties that Bind

Bonnie Marris
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
39 × 31 in
MasterWork Edition, Handsigned by the Artist
Sold Out


Artwork Description

“What would it be like to quietly sneak up on the site of a wolf den and see the pack unbothered, just being wolves? I wanted people to see this side, the side that keeps a pack or family of wolves strong and tight. They’re not much different from our own families on a summer afternoon. There is devotion and interest in the children’s activities, tender touches, tough play and a sharing of the pups. This is a peaceful afternoon, where the only things disturbing the wolves are the constant clucks and cackles of the crows and the buzzing of mosquitoes around their ears. This is a place where the slow moving of shadows lulls us into sweet naps and dreams.”