The Toymaker

Open Edition Print by Paul Landry

The Toymaker

Paul Landry
Open Edition Print
10 × 10 in

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Artwork Description

Christmas is coming. It’s in the air, on the street, in the church, in the village shops, on our front doors, in our windows and, most of all, it’s in our hearts. There’s always that special excitement for children of all ages. Maybe there’s a sled or a doll that someone wants the most, sitting in the toymaker’s window.

No doubt there are all kinds of drums, puppets, dolls, trains and even toy soldiers all over the shop, amid the special sounds of the music boxes and sights of holiday decorations. The toymaker’s heart and happiness is reflected in all the bright and warm spirit he shares with everyone at Christmas and all year ’round. Making people happy makes his Christmas the happiest of all.