The Vision Quest

Limited Edition Print by Z. S. Liang

The Vision Quest

Z. S. Liang
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
25 × 40 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

A vision quest often provided the Native American with profound insight into his purpose and destiny in life. Usually a guardian animal or force of nature would visit at some point during the rite and provide the seeker with spiritual guidance and self-identity. This powerful image portrays a young warrior at the beginning of his solitary quest, calling on a guardian spirit to visit him during his days of fasting and seclusion in this mountainous wilderness.

“I paint these people to raise awareness about their bravery and their troubles,” says Liang. He points out that his rural Chinese upbringing was centered on ancient and traditional lifestyles which made it easier for him to relate to the Native Americans. For example, no resources were wasted in his home, much like the Plains Indians who used every part of the buffalo their lives depended on. Liang has made himself into a student of Native American life, both in his personal library and through his time in the field with tribes of today. He is devoted to historical details and to the constant improvement of his own painting skills.

“The Vision Quest” is a stunning and dynamic work by Z.S. Liang. The energy and power of this fine work of art will transform any room in which it hangs.

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