Three Days in Summer

Original Artwork by Nicoletta Baumeister

Three Days in Summer

Nicoletta Baumeister
Original Artwork
Acrylic on Board
8 × 10 in

$627 CAD

Artwork Description

So much in life is written daily over a framework of repeated elements and motifs. Year & month, week & day, hour & minute; Sleep & Wake; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. In the flurry of action, these patterns fade into the background and what remains of the day are snippets of time, like capsules, resonating in our memory. In this Series sets I set up the structure as lines passing from left to right. In this field, smaller blocks of colour are inserted, each representing the tasks or actions completed. The final swatch of the brush in motion obliterated some of this history, and reveals small idiosyncratic pockets, analogous to of our sense of remembered time.