Tickling the Ivory

Limited Edition Print by Todd White

Tickling the Ivory

Todd White
Limited Edition Print
Embellished Canvas on Board
30 × 22 in
Hand Embellished, Limited Edition of 135


Artwork Description

Men looking to turn on the charm… one more drink, one more funny story, “let me get that for you because when you look that good, if I’m lucky enough I’ll be tickling you in the morning.” I don’t think the girls are buying it… but maybe…

Come Together 2017

“Every year I look back at where I have come from and think about where I’m going next. I’m always looking for a new viewpoint. 2016 was a year of individuals for me, whereas this year I want to move forward and celebrate positivity and unity – believing there are good things to come.

My vision is of me and my crew in a big bar at 2am, untucked and blasted with huge smiles all around! With this in mind, I am concentrating on groups in this and future collections for 2017. That being said there is always one out on their own, but probably not for long…”

-Todd White