Twinning Honeysuckle (lonicera dioica)

Original Artwork by Charity Dakin

Twinning Honeysuckle (lonicera dioica)

Charity Dakin
Original Artwork
Watercolour on Paper
10 × 8 in


Artwork Description

“This work was produced as the world began to experience the effects of the pandemic this year. I don’t like to make such associations, but this particular piece was a beacon of light, colour, and hope in the midst of all the fear and uncertainty. It was reminder that nature will carry on and we will see spring return. Twinning Honeysuckle is a native plant of the boreal forest. It provides nourishment for butterflies and hummingbirds, and regardless of what the world does, it grows and blooms, and gives life and beauty.”
– Charity Dakin