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Biography of  Bart Rulon

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Bart Rulon

Bart Rulon lives and works on Whidbey Island in Washington State’s Puget Sound. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky in a self-made scientific illustration major. He graduated with honors and became a full-time artist, focusing on wildlife and landscape subjects, specializing in birds.Rulon’s works have been exhibited in many of the finest exhibitions, museums and galleries displaying wildlife and landscape art in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Japan, and England.

Rulon’s primary interest is in experiencing his subjects firsthand in the wild. He focuses on painting subjects and scenes he has experienced in the wild rather than trying to paint animals he’s only seen in captivity. Rulon prides himself on the time he spends in the field researching his subjects, because this is what he enjoys the most about being an artist. His travels have taken him to new places every year including long trips to Africa, India, South America, and Alaska, and he has been all over the contiguous United States and Canada. On many of these field trips he uses a sea kayak or a custom made floating blind as tools to experience the behaviours of wildlife up close. Rulon says “all this extra effort pays off in the long run because I get to see the intimate details of an animal’s life that most people never see.” Its that personal experience that inspires him to re-create an image for others to enjoy, more than the act of painting itself.