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Brent Heighton has been painting for over 40 years full-time. After college Brent began a brief career in the commercial art field. Not satisfied with the deadlines, the rush jobs, and working out other people’s ideas as to how they wanted things to look, he realized that as difficult as working in the Fine Arts was, becoming a painter of what you want and not what someone else wants, was the most important and satisfying. He has never looked back on or regretted taking that chance.

Working as a full-time artist has allowed him to travel worldwide in search of ideas and things to paint. Brent has travelled with his family to Europe, spending time in France, Holland, Belgium, and as far south as Greece. Heighton is usually found with paints and brushes in hand, always looking for that inspiration just around the corner. “The difference of light in a place like Greece compared to Cornwall, England is very exciting.” Says Brent.

Heighton’s watercolours and oils have been well received by many corporate and private collectors in over 25 countries of the world. Brent has had exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Germany, Belgium, Holland, many parts of the U.S. and most recently Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

His work has won him numerous awards throughout Canada and the U.S. But the important thing is, as Brent points out is not the awards, it’s how it makes you feel putting your feelings on paper or canvas so that the persons observing can experience the joy you had in painting that particular artwork. “If you can make that connection with someone it feels great inside,” he says.

Most recently Brent has just returned from a trip to the Brandywine area of Pennsylvania, home of Andrew Wyeth. “It was a great experience to visit and explore that area to feel what that man could say in his paintings.” Heighton has also recently explored and been inspired by Haida Gwaii, The Great Bear Rainforest, A wonderful Horseback Expedition and the clear waters only found in The Rockies.


– New York, Tokyo, Germany, Belgium, Holland, throughout the United States, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Canada.

ARTIST WORKSHOPS:  is a teacher of artist workshops and has been teaching for over 15 years.

PUBLISHERWestern Lights Artist Group

The Estuary - Brent Heighton
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