Biography of
Nicole Purger

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Nicole Purger was born and resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She began her art career with formal training at Grant Mac Ewan College and traveled to Europe on several occasions where she was further influenced by the stylized works of Henri Rousseau and Franz Marc.  Purger gained from them knowledge and experience in color theory and distinctive compositions, using bold, vibrant colors combined with stylized meticulous realism.

Nicole Purger’s acrylic paintings are executed with great pictorial ability, the artist emphasizes colors with a chromatic and remarkable richness.  Purger’s paintings are strong in design and rich in color, and often she looks for interesting contrasts of shapes, patterns, textures and values in the subjects she chooses to paint.

Purger’s compositions are often dramatic, offering the viewer a magical encounter with exotic animals and multi-layered still life’s, where a simple arrangement of flowers becomes a forest of untamed color and beauty to be explored.  The combinations of color and tone variance make her paintings of zebra’s and other works of art appear surreal, and helping to contribute to a style of painting that is uniquely her own.