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Biography of  Nixie Barton

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Nixie Barton

Nixie Barton was raised on Canada’s West coast. She earned her formal art training at the University of Victoria and Nanaimo’s Malaspina College. Nixie met her husband, artist Grant Leier, in Victoria where they were living, painting, and active in “the gallery scene.” Nixie Barton’s paintings vibrate with an enticing energy springing from the juxtaposition of classic line, bold colour, intriguing pattern and a clean and fresh composition. Nixie Barton and Grant Leier share a studio and home on Vancouver Island, surrounded by an extensive and fabulous garden, which has been described as “funky baroque”. Her work is based partially on the imagery from their garden, and is partially interpretive. She describes her work as having “a wonky sense of composition”, with colours and strong patterns.