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Patrick grew up in the Kawartha Lakes Region of Southern Ontario. Living in cottage country, he gained an appreciation for the Canadian wilderness at an early age. Patrick’s love of landscape, led him to the western shores of Lake Superior where he attended Lakehead University. After graduating with an Honours Bachelors of Fine Art, Patrick moved west and has been painting in Fernie BC for the past eleven years.With his use of smooth swirling line, dramatic light and form, his work focuses on the rhythm of the natural world and his place within it. In doing so a spirit of exploration and adventure dominates his paintings and reflects an outdoor based lifestyle which is ingrained in Canadian culture. Patrick’s work can be seen throughout the Kootenays and Western Canada.

Artist Statement

After hours of hiking, the air clears and the veil lifts revealing a sharp rocky mountain peak. I stand above a steep couloir covered by a fresh blanket of snow that beckons me to jump in. I take a moment to catch my breath and savour the quiet, tranquil beauty. My eyes scan the horizon filled with sharp white peaks stretching out endlessly around me. The wind shifts sending a chill down my back. It is time to leave my mark on the mountain.

When I return to my studio I am filled with the excitement of the day and begin painting the landscape that has impacted me. I am reminded that the mountains flow with their own rhythm. I am insignificant in these vast, harsh places. It is by recording their delicate intricacies that I find my place beyond them. In doing so I am recording the mountain culture which draws people west and keeps them here. I know that I am not the only person who loves to explore the mountains and valleys of the West. Through painting, I also know that no one is impacted by mountain culture the way I am.

Blue is the colour which dominates my work. It is a truly multifarious colour that can be warm and inviting or cool and atmospheric. Blue is the shadow which allows the complexity of form to be revealed. Blue is liquid, the essence of water, always shifting and rolling in smooth rhythmic pattern. It is this liquid rhythm that I capture in my work. I cover the canvas with smooth, clean line and form, creating paintings that flow and move. My style reflects both the water carved landscape of the Rocky Mountains and the malleable liquid paint I am using.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a meditative peace. I am focused and my mind is free to let forms shift and balance themselves. I hear the sounds and am immersed in the memories of the place I am recording. I want to bring people to the places I’ve been and show them the way I see them. I want you, the viewer to experience the awe of a panoramic vista which can only be experienced on a mountain peak. I want you to be moved by the quiet melancholy of dusk at a camp site. This is why I paint and will continue to work as a professional artist. As long as there are inspiring landscapes and experiences to be had in nature, I will be a Canadian landscape painter.

Spirit Island - Patrick Markle (2015)
Into the Light - Patrick Markle
Spirit Island IV - Patrick Markle
Spirit Island III - Patrick Markle