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Paul Brunelle born in Campbellford Ontario, Canada has been fascinated with art since he completed his first oil painting at age 12. He has continued painting and drawing and began to sculpt in 1985.

Paul Brunelle describes clay has having essential qualities to create his art. In its pliable state clay can be quickly sketched to capture aptitudes and expressions as well as design and compositions. The clay can them be allow to dry to the point when you can carve the surface detail of feathers and a variety of textures. The sculpture is then dried and kiln fired to the permanence of stone.

His sculptures are made of clay, the water based kind that potters use. The clay can be modeled into an endless variety of surfaces depending on the moisture content before firing. It is responsive and direct to the touch and is capable of capturing a fresh expression of the subject and of recording the finest detail when required. When it is fired it hardens to the permanent quality that can be observed in the many sculptures of antiquity. Onto the fired clay surface he paints with oil colours on the birds and acrylic on the branches and other settings.

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