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There  is an immediate feeling of contentment when you see Trisha’s work for the first time; an unexplainable peace which seems to permeate from the very soul of art. Perhaps it’s her ability to capture the simplicity of everyday life’ or the gentle nuances of newly fallen snow. It is through these works of art which leaves us spiritually restored and renewed. The world that Trisha paints is her world – her family, her home, beloved landscapes and buildings and the serenity of many paintings is true to life.

Born in 1951 and blessed at an early age with a recognizable talent and a burning desire to pursue art, Trisha knew that this may not be the “road to riches” but indeed it was the “road  to happiness”. To the humble artist from a small town in Western New York this was a vital ingredient to inspiration.

Two years of tenting around Europe, visiting every national museum, and experiencing all the wonders of the art world was an education that surpassed the two year formal training received through Sheridan Art College in Oakville, Ontario. To this adventurous artist, every temporary place called “home” was not only another chapter in her well kept journal – but another sketch to be later transformed into a painting.

Upon her return from her last “home” in beloved Sweden, she met Gary Peterson, the very person who discovered not only a personal love for her work but had the vision and belief that this was something to be shared. And so, with his care and direction, Trisha’s originals were exhibited throughout many shows in Canada, each one more successful than the last.

After two years, this great teamwork became a marriage and with the birth of their first child, Nathan, all paintings seemed to take on a new commitment. A new life, as it were, for colour, light and a dimension of love. And so it was through the birth of Tanya and Whitney, and the interaction of little lives at play, that the ultimate resource of motherhood was fortified.

Trisha has been honoured by many awards throughout her career including her investment into The Order of Ontario. She has won the 1995 and 1996 Canadian Artist of the Year Awards. The popularity of Trisha’s paintings continues to grow.

Garden Angel Trisha Romance
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