Design Session - Picture This

Friendly service. Excellent artists. Imaginative framing ideas.
Being able to explore, discuss and get a feeling about the painting. Outstanding advice and suggestions to improve framing.

Bonnie Kerr


I have always enjoyed your store, your great selection of artwork, and the friendly people.

Nancy K. Parke

Complimentary  Design   Session

Art is personal and each individual likes different types of art. Can you imagine how boring this world would be if everyone’s home or office looked exactly the same?

If you are not sure, that’s okay, you’re in the right place…Tastes do change, and you may have liked one genre or artist at an earlier time in your life and now you are attracted to a different style. . . we are here  to help you. We have over forty years of experience in helping people with their art and picture framing choices and can help you discover the art that you like.

What artists am I interested in?...what medium do I prefer?...what artwork am  I comfortable with?....will that work with my surroundings?...what colors am I attracted to?

Enter your first name and email and we will help you answer these questions and more!

Art can transform a room.

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