Another Year at Sea

Limited Edition Print by Charles Wysocki

Another Year at Sea

Charles Wysocki
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
12 × 30 in
Anniversary Edition


Artwork Description

Charles Wysocki was a masterful storyteller and everything he has put into this painting contributes to the heartfelt story of separation from family and home. The work draws us upward, our eyes ascend the staircase, lingering on the flowers which she has just picked in the garden, up to the opened envelope on the stairs and finally the letter held loosely in her hand. The sad news has come that her beloved captain has been detained “Another Year at Sea.” We know in our hearts that she will not soon see white sails on the dark and boundless horizon outside her window.

“Another Year at Sea” marked one of Wysocki’s own ports of call on his artistic voyage. Broadening his technique and vision, he increasingly used perspective, realism and intensity of color to evoke an unforgettable mood. The theme is timeless as loved ones forever travel, and others are left behind, whether through work, war or adventure.