Original Artwork by Judy Larson


Judy Larson
Original Artwork


Artwork Description

“This summer I visited a Bureau of Land Management wild horse auction early in the morning, long before the actual auction was to take place. At the holding pens, one could commit to buying a wild horse before the auction.

I was impressed with the quality of the young horses there, which only had a tag around their necks with a number on it to identify them. Some huddled together or moved as one horse, fearful of human contact, while others actually came over to the railing to place themselves within a foot or so of my outstretched hand. I combined the features and coloring of some of these more curious horses, who were willing to take a chance on human contact, to create the horse in “Anticipation.” Perhaps these were the horses that waited in anticipation for the right caretaker to come along and give them a forever home.

By the time I had left, one of the horses had already found a home. I have hoped ever since that the rest of these wild horses that I saw that day also found a home, as well. ”

– Judy Larson