Burning the Way Station

Limited Edition Print by Frank McCarthy

Burning the Way Station

Frank McCarthy
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
30 × 20 in
Limited Edition of 50

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Artwork Description

Travel by stagecoach in the Old West was fraught with danger and discomfort. Way stations were vital links, providing water and a change of horses for the next leg of the perilous journey. The men at the way stations would sometimes help fight off Indians who might be attacking the stage as it was coming in.

Here, however, a band of Indians have surrounded a way station and are burning it down. It is a sod hut, partly under the ground, built out from a slope. The Indians have raided the adjoining horse corral and are taking away the horses for their own use. The next stagecoach to pass this way may well face a critical problem of survival.

Also available in 29″ x 19″ paper print