Canyon Vista

Limited Edition Print by Daniel Smith

Canyon Vista

Daniel Smith
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
10 × 10 in
SmallWork Edition, Limited to 75


Artwork Description

The raven is one of the principle birds of the Grand Canyon, known for its lofty aerial acrobatics and the clever raiding of backpacks for food. The raven is also regarded as having one of the finest brains of the bird world and a trickster’s sense of humor.

Ravens in research studies have established the ability to count objects up to the number six and have been observed using and altering tools to obtain food. Many a Grand Canyon visitor has discovered their ability to unzip zippers and pairs have definite territories they patrol as they wait for an unguarded food source.

Daniel Smith’s “Canyon Vista” is a 10″ x 10″ SmallWorks™ Fine Art Edition Giclèe canvas and is the perfect accent piece for those who feel ravens represent the epitome of intelligence, loyalty and mischief, a celebration of life itself.