Cascade Highrise

Limited Edition Print by R. Tom Gilleon

Cascade Highrise

R. Tom Gilleon
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
20 × 26 in
Limited Edition of 25, Handsigned by the artist


Artwork Description

“You recognize their silhouettes against the sky line right away,” says Tom Gilleon, “they are prairie skyscrapers. Grain elevators are a Western icon just as the tipi is. Today most of them are old ruins, but they still tower above the horizon throughout the West. The fact that they still stand is a testament to their utilitarian architecture, designed to contain corn or grain by the ton.

“Because of the light in the window, I’ve been asked if “Cascade High Rise” is a haunted elevator or if it is really abandoned. I don’t know if it is haunted or not, but it is abandoned. The light you see in the window at the top is not radiating from within, but rather illuminated from without. At just the right time of the year the sunrise will be reflected in the remaining panes of glass high up on the structure. It’s the end of an old time and the dawning of another.”