Earth Ending

Original Artwork by Brian Lorimer

Earth Ending

Brian Lorimer
Original Artwork
Acrylic on Canvas
30 × 40 in

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Artwork Description

“I’m Still Here II” is a continuation of a collection of paintings where we see Lorimer pushing the boundaries between landscape and abstraction. Creating this series of works only from his imagination, it is quintessentially “Lorimer”, bold, assertive and exploding with colour.

This project is about the environment and the damage done. However, rather than illustrate the scars we’ve inflicted he chooses to show the beauty. Lorimer believes there is hope in nature. He says, “Collectively we need to stop and realize that nature has the power to steer us back on course. Nature has always been our guide and right now she is screaming ‘I’m Still Here’, we just have to listen”. – Brian Lorimer