Evening Chores – House Sparrow

Original Artwork by Michael Dumas

Evening Chores – House Sparrow

Michael Dumas
Original Artwork
Graphite (with Gouache Accents) on Acid-Free Bristol
6 × 7.5 in


Artwork Description

“One of the most recurring themes in my work involves quiet and often recessive corners, be they old rural buildings, lowly roadside tangles, or shadowy worlds of the deep woods.  In settings such as portrayed in ‘Evening Chores’ there is something about the textures, play of light, and sense of age that invokes strong emotions and recollections that go back to my childhood. I always get the sense that there is some hidden secret to be found in places like these, if only one is attuned to such things. It is the sense of discovery to be found in often overlooked aspects of reality that holds a great appeal to me, and even in the subtle beauty of such things as the humble house sparrow there is something profound and moving”.

– Michel Dumas