Generous Heart

Limited Edition Print by Trisha Romance

Generous Heart

Trisha Romance
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
20.5 × 24.5 in
Edition Size: 1000 S/N & 10 AP's


Artwork Description

Of the many organizations in our town who make certain that not a single soul is in need at Christmas time, there is one most beloved to us, called Newark Neighbors.

This is a painting filled with all of the joyous memories of one such visit with Whitney.  While a “borrowed mansion” served as a temporary home, the world that existed beyond that grand doorway was one of true humility and genuine selflessness.

Volunteers working tirelessly were quick to let you know what was needed and Whitney was excited to return that request. Although “unwrapped” gifts make sorting easier, that would be impossible for our wrap loving little girl!

It is our hope that one such organization exists in your town. A place where great acts of giving happen on a daily basis, and where great things happen because of it.  After all, a generous heart truly knows no boundaries.

Also available as:

  • Limited Edition Print – Edition Size: 10,000 S/N & 350 AP’s – Image Size: 16 1/2″ x 13 1/2″