Golden Aura

Limited Edition Print by Henry Asencio

Golden Aura

Henry Asencio
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
32 × 24 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

“Golden Aura” Color is a powerful, visual force that has the ability to affect us on a psychological level. Artists use color to create a mood, a feeling or even express an idea in a work of art. However, great works of art can be created with very little color. And this in itself can have a profound artistic effect.

A monochromatic painting is one that is created using a singular color palette and its respective tints and shades. Using a range of tonality to build up form and create a composition is by far one of the greatest artistic challenges for a painter. Contemporary painter Henry Asencio takes on this challenge in his “Golden Light Series” in which the artist studies the separation of light and dark. And in Asencio’s minimalist effort he shows how less can be so much more. “Golden Aura” is the first image in this new series.

Some believe there are colors that emanate from our very being. Hues that reveal the language of our soul. This “aura”, the invisible halo that surrounds us, is unique to each individual. As a figurative painter, Asencio’s mastery of painting this unseen phenomenon is foremost in distinguishing his work from other artists. In “Golden Aura”, Asencio fills his canvas with varying tones of crimson infused with ochre in his effort to extract the inner beauty of his muse. Bold, yet subdued, she radiates a warm sensuality apart from her temporal existence. The divine golden energy emanating from this exquisite work of art succeeds in capturing her soul and our attention.