Hot Lions

Limited Edition Print by Simon Combes

Hot Lions

Simon Combes
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
30 × 20.75 in
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Artwork Description

This threesome are young males – probably brothers or half-brothers. At about two years of age, they will have been chased out of the pride by the resident male and forced to fend for themselves. This is a seriously traumatic time -all their young lives they have relied upon the adult lionesses in the pride to provide food but now they must do the business themselves or starve. They are clumsy and inept; the more severe the hunger pains, the more desperate they become and the more frantically they broadcast their intentions to potential prey.

However, at last, this trio have had some success and have gorged themselves to the bursting point. The sun climbs higher and higher into the African sky as the young hunters seeks a tree’s dappled shade to escape the oppressive heat. Their digestions are working overtime on the mountain of meat and bones they have just consumed and that just makes them hotter, so they try standing, sitting or lying down – anything to relieve their discomfort.