Just in Case

Limited Edition Print by Thomas Arvid

Just in Case

Thomas Arvid
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
43 × 21 in


Artwork Description

Beautifully in focus, “Just In Case” demonstrates Arvid’s flawless mastery of composition. The artful jumble of corks presents a harmonious juxtaposition of order and chaos brought to life by Arvid’s unerring ability to use light, texture and depth to his advantage. Accepting the invitation to savor the symphony of details, we savor the final few sips and look with pleasure on the collection of memories laid before us.

Arvid constantly raises the bar for his talent and his work by continually finding new angles and approaches to his subject. Artistic insight can be drawn from all facets of life, but to Arvid there is a special joy in the inspiration that comes from getting to know the people who love his art. “I love getting to meet the people who collect my work – it keeps me grounded and constantly finding fresh angles on something I do everyday.”