Kestrel and Mullein

Original Artwork by John Mullane

Kestrel and Mullein

John Mullane
Original Artwork
Acrylic on Paper
10.75 × 11 in


Artwork Description

“Last summer, a falconer friend of mine found two kestrel chicks, a male and a female on the sidewalk near his home. They had fallen from a nest atop a nearby building. I was thrilled to help him nurse the two chicks back to health. Within weeks they had fully recovered. I became attached to them but was happy to see both go back to the wild. My painting depicts the day of their “release”. The female took off and was soon out of sight, the male perched on a mullein stalk and looked over his shoulder as if to say good-bye. Between the light, the texture of the mullein and the bird’s plumage I felt I had a strong composition and I knew I would capture that moment.”

– John Mullane