Limited Edition Print by Michael Flohr


Michael Flohr
Limited Edition Print
40 × 30 in
Hand Embellished, Limited Edition of 195, Handsigned by the artist


Artwork Description

Any form of art in its purest state has the power to leave a lasting impression on the mind and soul. Be it a beautiful painting, a lovely sonnet or a moving musical score, artistic expression has the ability to universally communicate beyond the five senses. Contemporary artist Michael Flohr’s expressive paint style is just such a celebration of the senses.

Moving beyond the visual, his work plays like an audible picture sifted through the eyes with emotional impact. “Mel-ody” is a work of art that beautifully and uniquely serves this intention. Once again, the artist’s wife and muse, Melissa (a.k.a. “Mel”), stands center stage.

Adorned in a potent red dress and her signature vintage hat she is illuminated by the light of the jukebox. The brilliance of the crystal chandeliers looms above as the light of dawn slowly emanates through the windows in shades of purple, lavender and blue. An aura of reverie fills the room. Her hand gently reaches for that same old number that plays that same old song. She knows it well and plays it often. It is your song – the haunting melody that brings you back to a place and time that conjures happy memories and deep emotion. Every time it plays, the past becomes new again. Like any art form, music has the power to speak beyond the present moment. And like a beautiful painting, new meaning can be found in each passing glance.