Venetian Lights

Limited Edition Print by Michael Flohr

Venetian Lights

Michael Flohr
Limited Edition Print
36 × 48 in

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Artwork Description

“Venetian Lights” is a painting by artist Michael Flohr that stops you in your tracks!

When you see it, you feel weightless and delighted, lost within the vivid crests of the oil painted surface. It takes you somewhere far away from where you are; you feel like you are traveling through Venice!

We are being guided, brushstroke by brushstroke, into Michael Flohr’s unique imagination. We are virtually walking hand-in-hand. Through his brilliant painting, you are invited into become happily entranced.

Perhaps this is why museum patrons sit on benches, gazing at their favorite pieces, sometimes for a minute, some for hours, yet entangled all the same. Time seems to stand still for a moment. Oh to be transported to a different place, it is such a gift!

A painting is, perhaps, a timeless agreement, a dance between the viewer and the artist, and each has their role within the creation and experience of the artwork. One cannot exist without the other. Sit for a while and let the sparkle of Venetian Lights take you time-traveling anytime you desire.