Morning Light

Fine Art Print by Stephen Lyman

Morning Light

Stephen Lyman
Fine Art Print
Giclée Canvas
48 × 18 in
Anniversary Edition
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Artwork Description

Stephen Lyman captures the joy of wilderness life in “Morning Light,” the beautifully realized compliment to his “Evening Light.” The view is through the same charming cabin window, this time onto a glorious sunrise.

“It’s a different feeling from “Evening Light,” where you may have wanted to be inside the warm and cozy cabin,” Lyman said. “’Morning Light’ invites you to go outside and experience a new, warm day that is fresh and alive.”

Lyman’s mastery of detail is revealed in the nuance of the candle’s light, the colorful bouquets of wild flowers, lichen and the unique texture of the fir branches – all of which are reflected in the window as well.

Signed by Andrea Lyman and David Usher