On the Rim

Limited Edition Print by Alan Bean

On the Rim

Alan Bean
Limited Edition Print
23 × 15.25 in
Limited Edition of 125 S/N

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Artwork Description

Apollo 16 Astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke have just arrived on the rim of North Ray crater. John reported, “As we climbed the rim to North Ray it was really a steep slope going right up to the edge of the rim. Of course, the old Rover didn’t notice it, – just went right up”.

Charlie continued, “The slope must be on the order of 20 degrees – you don’t realize it ‘til you get off and turn around”.

As they looked around they could see that the rim was populated with rocks of all sizes and shapes. These rocks had been thrown up and out when a large meteorite impacted the surface of the moon’s surface over three billion years ago.