Places To Go

Original Artwork by Heather Hawley

Places To Go

Heather Hawley
Original Artwork
11 × 14 in

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Artwork Description

Bears are one of my all-time favourite subjects to paint. Growing up not far from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, I have always had a real fascination with these magnificent animals (along with a very healthy amount of respect!) Even to this day, every time I see a bear it is such a privilege and thrill! In addition to being an oil painter, I am also an amateur wildlife photographer and understand all too well that it is no small feat to capture good quality photos of bears. This painting is based on a reference photo taken by wildlife photographer Julia Cook. She loved the name I gave this painting, since apparently on the day she took the photo the bear was headed to hibernation for the winter. I love the look of determination and purpose on the bear’s face!