Seed Hunter Eastern Chipmunk

Original Artwork by Michael Dumas

Seed Hunter Eastern Chipmunk

Michael Dumas
Original Artwork
Polychromos Oil Pencil
5.5 × 3.5 in

$1,897 CAD

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Artwork Description

Chipmunks are common residents in our backyard gardens, and although at times they dig up flower bulbs and consume new shoots, they are nevertheless a delight to have around. Since I have created many drawings and painting of them, they really do ‘pull their own weight’ in the dynamics of our home. The individual depicted in ‘Seed Hunter’ is one that I’ve come to know personally, and it willingly accepts seeds offered by hand. Such close up observation has an intimacy to it that I can’t help but think finds its way into a piece of artwork, even on one as small in scale as this one.