Tempus Fugit

Limited Edition Print by James Christensen

Tempus Fugit

James Christensen
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
9 × 9 in
SmallWorks Edition, Limited to 450 S/N


Artwork Description

Some scientists have devoted their careers to the study of how we perceive the passage of time. Time comes to a stop. Time drags. Time flies (Latin: tempus fugit). When we’re busy and engaged in life, we ride the passage of time like a raft down a river. The quintessential Christensen character in this painting is a little bit of the absent-minded professor with his mismatched footwear and befuddled surprise. He is shocked at the hour, even as he’s surrounded by reminders of the time.

“This is the look on my face,” says artist James C. Christensen, “when I glance up from painting and realize an entire afternoon has passed!”