The Gardener

Limited Edition Print by Morgan Weistling

The Gardener

Morgan Weistling
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
16 × 26 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

Morgan Weistling’s contemporary impressionism describes the innocence and wonder of a timeless America, as well as the beauty of everyday moments. Weistling is inspired by country life and particularly the lives of children with their irrepressible urge to explore. Morgan says of his model “Her name is Jessica and I discovered her while she attended a Christmas play. As soon as I saw her, painting ideas began to come to me. I imagined her coming in from her grandmother’s garden with her newly picked prizes.”

In the tradition of the artist’s irresistible recent releases “Spilled Milk” and “Juicy Peach,” “The Gardener” portrays the magical innocence of a darling garden helper, in her straw hat and crisp white apron, from a not-too-distant rural American past. She holds her beets tentatively, perhaps because of her white apron! Who wouldn’t want this little gardener’s help?