Three Wolves

Limited Edition Print by Judy Larson

Three Wolves

Judy Larson
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Paper
23.25 × 18 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

“‘Three Wolves’ is perhaps more symbolic than any of my other paintings. Of the three wolves, only one is real, representing the anticipated success of the reintroduction program. Two are hidden, representing the future, when, hopefully, wolves will be numerous enough and comfortable enough to behave naturally, as they would in the wild. Here, the dominant wolf is running flat out, legs tucked under him, sprinting out of the sheer luxury of being alive and out of the knowledge that he is first. The second wolf races to catch up, with mouth agape, challenging the leader. All three run with the horses, for they share a time and place in history.

The horses are symbolic as well. While the mares are important, their role in the picture is deemphasized. Their foals, however, represent hope for the future, as concerned breeders seek to protect and to continue these and other rare bloodlines. The foals are exceptional in their own right, for one is a medicine hat paint, the other, a war bonnet paint. Some Native American tribes considered horses with these markings to be imbued with supernatural power. As tiny groups of rare animals survive despite insurmountable odds, their rescues provide a precious second chance for them and for us, as well.