Timber Ghost

Original Artwork by Ryan Jacque

Timber Ghost

Ryan Jacque
Original Artwork
12 × 11 in


Artwork Description

‘Timber Ghost’ is a ‘part two’ in a series of drawings I’d planned years ago that began started with a 3”x4” miniature I entitled “Ridge Patrol” which showed a younger buck near a stone wall. The interesting part of this piece is that I didn’t actually see any single part of it in person except the stone wall. I suppose that ’Timber Ghost’ is more a reflection of what I’d hoped to see.

I started Timber Ghost with the idea of making it feel cold. Adding the first snow fall seemed perfect. It seemed too easy to just show his frozen breath in the air. As I often do, I set the work aside for a few days as I often do when I am contemplating how to finish the work and something happened that changed what the final piece looks like. I accidentally got a fine spray of water on it and didn’t even notice it until after it dried. It ended up as a series of dark dots when mixed with the pencil on the paper. So I decided to not look at this as an accident so much as an opportunity. I took a stiff old paint brush and used it to spatter a fine mist of water on Timber Ghost and was thrilled when I saw the drawing after they dried. Thankfully, I had the drawing tacked to a wall so they dried angling downward. It worked for me and I love how the finished Timber Ghost turned out!

-Ryan Jacque