Tremolo Eastern Screech Owl

Original Artwork by Calvin Nicholls

Tremolo Eastern Screech Owl

Calvin Nicholls
Original Artwork
100% Cotton Paper
12 × 12 in

Artwork Description

Showcasing paper as my medium often occupies my attention primarily in the creation of the main subject. Other times I intend to allow the paper to become an essential element of the design and presentation. The simplicity of form in the subject, the delicate details of the feathers and the negative space around the bird direct me as I decide how to combine these interests.

Given that screech owls rely on specifically designed nest boxes and suitable tree cavities, I chose to create an opening with a bevelled edge through which the bird seems ready to enter. This provides an interesting repetition of circular forms that resemble the “facial ruff” and cat-like eyes. Characteristic markings along the back have been accentuated by flipping the feather tips upward to catch more than their usual share of light.