Trilogy – Scarlet Beauty, Blue Rhapsody, and Graceful Splendor

Limited Edition Print by Henry Asencio

Trilogy – Scarlet Beauty, Blue Rhapsody, and Graceful Splendor

Henry Asencio
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
12 × 32 in
Handsigned by the Artist
Limited Stock


Artwork Description

Asencio is known for painting beautiful women draped in red. The illusion of movement in “Scarlet Beauty” is indicated by this passionate color and further enhanced by etched texture. Amidst a frantic sea of alizarin crimson, the raven haired beauty emerges. Beneath the soft curves and voluptuous details of Asencio’s muse lies the artist’s ability to see beyond the physical and into the soul.

Asencio communicates the introspective nature of the female muse. He invites the viewer to stand back and contemplate the movement of her exquisite form and her inherent complexity. “Blue Rhapsody” is a portrait of this elusive notion. Ethereal smatterings of cerulean blue are suggestive of solace in the midst of chaos.

Asencio’s “Graceful Splendor” reaches further to define the mystery and power of a woman. The female body in all of its delightful forms is beautiful and transcendent. Academic painting can display what the eye sees but Asencio also has the ability to capture the essence of splendor and grace in his paintings through his use of color and texture which combine to create an undulating river of sensuality.

Each image measures 12″ x 32″ in