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Alberta artist and educator, Gregg Johnson has long been a strong supporter of the visual arts in the Edmonton region.  A graduate of the University of Alberta with degrees in English and Art Education, Johnson has been an art teacher with the Public School Board and a practicing artist for more than a quarter of a century.

Over the past several years he has traveled the high roads and the back roads of the west painting the indigenous prairie architecture and the spectacular landscape with his dramatic and expressive palette.  His love of hiking and backpacking regularly takes him into the high country to photograph and paint the many moods and grandeur of the mountains.  Painting landscapes is one thing, but capturing authentic locations and rendering them not only faithfully but also creatively remain the constant goal of this busy artist.

A signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Johnson took early retirement in 1994 to pursue his painting career full time.  Accolades have been the order of the day, with successful solo exhibitions in Canmore, Jasper and Edmonton.  Gregg Johnson’s unique and powerful watercolours have found a strong following in the West, and his works are now hanging in private and corporate art collections in this country and abroad.  A popular teaching artist, he is much in demand for instruction, demonstrations, commissions and workshops.  Twice yearly during the last weeks of May and September he runs a mountain watercolour workshop on the banks of the Athabasca River in Jasper at the Tekarra Lodge.

Winter Day - Gregg Johnson
Repurposed - Gregg Johnson
Hanging in There, At Sunset - Gregg Johnson
Tangle Creek Falls, Jasper II - Gregg Johnson