Creating a Unique Gift for Dad

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Our Favourite Spot - John Weiss
Our Favourite Spot by John Weiss

As we approach Father’s Day and make plans for celebrations and ponder on a unique gift to
give, we look back on the history of this important day.
The first Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 th June 1910 in Washington, it was not, however
until 1972 that it became an official nationwide holiday in the United States. Here in Canada the
day is marked but has not received official recognition.
It is interesting to note that several European countries align the celebration with the March
religious feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of fatherhood. Some may think this makes more
sense as an actual Father’s Day.
Another train of thought is that the day is linked to pagan sun worship, as the sun is thought to
be the father of the universe. This would tie in with the celebration falling closely to the
summer solstice, hence the June date.

At Picture This Gallery, we can assist you with creating a special gift for your father. You may
have a treasured keepsake, an award, or a recognized accomplishment to celebrate in their life,
and, of course, there are always special photographs that will make for an exceptional gift. No
matter the item, we can give you a free quote, and frame it for your father’s special day.

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