Masterpieces in Miniature Art Show – little show with big heart

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There is an excellent opportunity for art lovers to add to, or even start, their collection of original artwork created by some of North America’s leading artists. It’s the 19th annual Masterpieces in Miniature art event  Opens May 4th and continues until May 23rd, 2024. Getting your hands on an original work of art can be difficult and for some, … Read the article

Earth Day and Art

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Avatar Blue - Dominik Modlinski

We are fortunate to have access to wilderness, here in Canada. It is such a vast continent with eight geographic climatic regions, from mountains to prairies and deserts to name a few.  This April, we will celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April, in support of environmental protection. The celebratory day began in 1970 and in 2024, the official theme is … Read the article

World Art Day

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world art day blog pic

Did you know there is a World Art Day? It is held on the 15th of April every year and this year the theme is “A Garden of Expression: Cultivating Community through Art.” Of course, at Picture This Gallery, we celebrate art daily with an extensive range of artwork, subjects, techniques and methods. We also believe strongly in community and … Read the article

Capturing Nature

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Winter Serenade - Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

Canada is vast and spans temperate zones like no other. We have lowlands, Maritimes, the West Coast, the Cordillera, the Prairies, the Taiga, Boreal forests and Arctic regions. With such diverse habitats our wildlife is just as varied and stunning. For an example we have black, brown and grizzly bears as well as polar bears inhabiting their respective zones. There … Read the article

Giving Art as a Gift – Here are some Tips

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When we give art we are choosing a unique, original and memorable gift. It is a very personal gesture that creates a strong bond with the person who receives it. There are also countless options for personalizing the piece with framing. When buying art for someone else there are a few things to consider. Here are some Tips: Their taste in … Read the article

The Art of Painting Snow

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Winter Splendor - Andrew Kiss

As Picture This Gallery hosts The Winter Art Show, we embrace the ‘white’ season here in Alberta. There is a specific skill in actually painting snow, as it is rarely purely white, instead, it reflects the hues of the sky and the objects, or natural colors around it. It may be bluer with a bright blue sky, or greyer with … Read the article

Oil painting and the history of landscape art

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Autumn Daze Jonn Einerssen

It is commonly known in the artistic community that oil paint is used for its stability, depth of colour, flexibility, textural variety and slow-drying nature. The medium can be used in a range of techniques, from thin glazes diluted with turpentine to dense thick impasto. This enables artists to work on a painting over several days. Added to these benefits … Read the article

The Art of Stone Carving

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Watching from Above - artist sculpture by Vance Theoret

Initially, stone carving was believed to have been created in the Paleolithic era – 10,000 BC.  However, there have been subsequent discoveries, one of which was the stone sculpture – the Venus of Hohle Fels, which was discovered in southwestern Germany in 2008 and was made between 33,000 and 38,000 years ago.  Another known ancient art, is a set of … Read the article

Beautiful Autumn Colours Depicted in Art

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Fall Sonata - Marilyn Hurst

Autumn is an inspiration for many artists to paint due to the season’s transitionary nature. The Fall season is symbolic of plenty, ripening, harvest, and abundance, but also a symbol of decay, decline, old age, and even death. It has associations of things being past their prime. It is also a time of contemplation and celebration of life in a … Read the article

The History and Art of Landscape Painting

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Mountains by artist Gregg Johnson

In essence, landscape painting is the depiction of nature and natural scenery. Landscapes have been painted since ancient times with the Greeks and Romans creating wall paintings of natural scenic elements. The independent genre of landscape can be found as far back as 4th century China. However, it did not emerge into Western culture until the Renaissance in the 16th … Read the article