Earth Day and Art

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Avatar Blue - Dominik Modlinski
Avatar Blue by artist Dominik Modlinski

We are fortunate to have access to wilderness, here in Canada. It is such a vast continent with eight geographic climatic regions, from mountains to prairies and deserts to name a few.

 This April, we will celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April, in support of environmental protection. The celebratory day began in 1970 and in 2024, the official theme is “Planet vs. Plastics”, a subject we are all only too aware of.

Another organization that combines the earth’s environments and art is Artists for the Earth. Their mission is to promote the power of art to reach people on a personal level to establish a deeper understanding and emotional connection to our planet.

It is well known that art has the ability to elicit a reaction from us on sensory and evolutionary levels as we are hard-wired to affect responses to certain patterns and traits. A bright open landscape evokes a feeling of beauty and relaxation, because a clear vista gave us, when we were hunters and gatherers, the opportunity to spot predators, and/or prey. The opposite is also true where dark or obscured visuals spark anxiety.

Artwork allows us to encase a view, an animal, and a vista within a perfect frame in our own homes and in some instances to give our support to not only the artist but the environment. 

Why not celebrate this Earth Day by visiting our gallery and viewing the many nature-inspired paintings on show? Or to have your own nature photographs framed?

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