Emergence into Spring

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The Encounter - Robert Bissell
The Encounter by Robert Bissell

As Albertan’s we know the length of our winters and the ‘false’ spring’s that promise warmth and then dash our hopes. When the actual release of winter’s grip arrives there is an emergence, much like a bear from hibernation, into the outside world. The first flush of chlorophyll is a welcomed sight with leaf buds unfurling on grey branches, and grass pushing through the dirt and slush of melting snow to haze our surroundings with that perfect lime green. It is a rebirth, a fresh start for nature and us.

We feel the need to celebrate this revitalization with a sorting of attire and storage, home decor changes and plans for summer adventures. It is also a time to look at our life’s treasures and upcoming successes. Free of the restrictions of freezing temperatures, we can look forward to the planning and planting our yards. Seed catalogues are browsed, planting choices are made and we anticipate fresh produce to eat.

Green becomes a colour we focus on; noticing its appearance in greater and greater quantities in the outside world, but it also heralds a change in our interiors. Gone are the thick cozy blankets and fireside comforts. These are swapped for lighter pastel shades and more floral accents. Paintings of winter scenes are replaced with summer landscapes, boxing hares and new family portraits from recent gatherings.

We enter a period of new chances and new plans for the year. We plan our children’s spring break vacations, road trips and, of course, St Patrick’s Day with its parades filling the streets and green beer consumption. These events allow us to make new memories with friends and family and to photograph and cherish them.

To frame such memories and display them, rather than them forever encased in a digital camera, or regulated to a laptop folder, gives us the ability to pick up, or gaze at, a gorgeous frame especially chosen for the image. It heights our consciousness, and gives us pause to remember the exact moment captured within the frame. It is a constant and pleasant reminder as we pass by, the mantle, wall or table. 

We have the expertise to encapsulate these new images and any treasured items in a multitude of options. Advising on the best way to display them as beautiful framed pictures, collages, canvas, needle art, or even plaque mounting. 

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