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Picture This Gallery is encouraging you to support The World’s Longest Hockey Game. Cancer has touched many of us including our families and friends and loved ones. This year the funds are to support a new hopeful drug.

The World’s Longest Hockey Game, featured in the Guinness Book of records is an Edmonton area fundraiser and is being held again near, Sherwood Park, Alberta. Picture This Gallery is proud to have them here in our community. Since 2003, this fundraiser has raised millions of dollars for cancer research and treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute.

The organizer of the World’s Longest Hockey Game said he wants Albertans to understand the hurdles he and volunteers have to go through to put on the fundraiser this year. Recently, AHS health officials confirmed the event, to go ahead, under strict conditions.

“Once the NHL was allowed to play I knew that I could create a bubble that would basically mimic the NHL,” said Brent Saik who’s behind World’s Longest Game.

The first World’s Longest Hockey Game was organized by Brent Saik in 2003, and raised over $150,000. Since then, there have been six of the World’s Longest Hockey Games, plus two World’s Longest Baseball Games. To date, these fundraisers have raised over $5 million dollars for the Cross Cancer Institute.

The funds raised through the 2021 World’s Longest Hockey Game will go entirely towards supporting a clinical study in lymphoma and solid tumor patients who are enrolled in Edmonton. In particular, your funds will cover the cost for the PCLX-001 drug, examinations, patient care, and an ongoing analysis of how well the drug is working. Dr. John Mackey, Director of Clinical Trials at the Cross Cancer Institute, is leading a clinical research team to exploit the new cancer biology and drug discovered by University of Alberta Professor, Luc Berthiaume. This drug, called PCLX-001, shuts down the abnormal chemical signaling in many common cancers and triggers those cells to die, while sparing the normal, healthy cells

This is crucial in revealing the future this therapy will have in fighting cancer – in saving lives – right here in Edmonton, and around the world.

Your support will provide hope to people who would otherwise die of their cancer – despite all the best known treatments – as they will now have a better chance of a cancer-free outcome and more time with their families, friends and loved ones.

Please donate to the World’s Longest Hockey Game today.



February 4 – 14th


52269 Range Rd 220, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Spectators are NOT allowed but you are welcome to DRIVE THROUGH to honk and cheer your encouragement to the players from your car. There will not be a parking area available for cars to stop and watch the game.

source: CTV – Hinshaw Allows Puck to Drop